The Veronica Project

by Last Days of Empire

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released June 8, 2010



all rights reserved


Last Days of Empire South Amboy, New Jersey

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Track Name: Prologue
We saw it happen.
We watched it through the glares in each other’s eyes.
Glares so blinding no cries were heard, no words were said, and no breaths were taken.
This moment burned itself into a generation of memories, and a lifetime of sleepless nights.
Within this moment, an entire nation divided itself, and in unison, and entire nation was brought to it’s knees.
After the scorched sky settled into a permanent dusk, a blanket of ash cloaked the landscape with the irony of a silent, falling snow.
The city became a maze of ruins, and a refuge for the lost.
The countryside was bled dry, and is now a barren battlefield.
Food and water become scarce, and a re rationed among the common while the elite reign over their creation.
Fear is instilled, and a police state commissioned.
Many have been lost, and more will be lost at the threat of the ensuing war.
This was all her doing, her plan, her masterpiece.
Her words weigh heavy on the hearts of her loyal, and haunt the dreams of her enemies.
Veronica…our beacon of hope, our legacy of victory, the once-beating heart of our nation.
A heart that has now turned on its host.
Veronica Angelica…the name of betrayal, the tears of our mothers, the cries of our nation, the scent of a mass burial…all sealed with a kiss.
A wave of sorrow drowns our pride, and washes away our history.
This is our darkest hour.
This is the end of freedom.
And these are the last days of Empire
Track Name: 39 Sniper
Now I want you to make this hurt.
Enough that you won’t want to look…all the way down.
It’s how you’re killing your time.
Now it’s a blade’s length between us, and it’s a business of selling lies.
The bounty is set, and the stakes are way too high.
Relax you courage, and steady your breathing darling.
We now know everything.
The codename is deceiving, but clever…is this distance still what you want?
You’re believing what they won’t tell you.
It’s obsession that I’m still chasing the scent of your ghost.
You are all I need in tracking you down.
Now I know what you’re thinking, so don’t speak now.
We’re in this together; we’ll make a pact like innocent children or blood brothers.
Disarm me, you’re trained to!
But be warned…I will strike.
Always, forever is what we said.
Yes, honestly baby.
I’m recording your story, so please, try to bore me.
Maybe, maybe, maybe you’re lonely?
Well, we’ll figure out tonight.
Maybe you’re lonely just as soon as it’s gone.
Track Name: Prizefighter
Before this day runs out, you’ve got to promise that you will believe before I consider the ways you connect me.
You’re a lion on this line.
And we are so alone.
Yes, we are slow motion still lying on these waves.
And I swear I am behind you.
She screamed: “Whoa! That’s heavy! My God! I still love you! And I swear that this time we’re gonna make it, and I’ll come up right before you. So, be bold, take me out. Be bold, take me…I’m watching the flood spilling from your core. Freedom!”
Track Name: Down Coronado
When you speak, don’t say a word.
If you laugh, don’t hold your breath.
And if you go tonight, don’t pack your bags, we’ll be on the same train Down ....Coronado.... when this is still ours.
It’s still our anniversary.
It’s kind of like Christmas Day; forget you won’t.
And if this story fails, please believe in me, and forget you won’t.
So don’t make this impossible if you can’t.
Just drive tonight.
We’ve spilled secrets through ocean tides.
And if you go tonight, don’t pack your bags, we’ll be on the same train Down ....Coronado.....
If this soothes you, then it suits you.
Track Name: Hunter/Killer
I’ll move through the depths of your body like you’ve never known.
Its 8:45 and you want me so bad that I love how we look at each other secretly, peacefully.
I’m not waving; I’m drowning the hero key.
New memories collapse in those lashes.
And what you mean to me is everything now, and I still want you that bad.
I know now that we die for each other secretly, peacefully.
I’m not waving; I’m drowning the hero key.
I’m closer than you know, so don’t shut your eyes from what’s inside.
I’m faster than your face, so fixate your eyes in position.
Breathe silently.
Track Name: Gleason
Touch down, send the signals out, this is me losing faith and you’re underground.
This is the moment when it fell apart.
Yes you always, you always need to know that everything is as kool as can be.
You always…and I want you to know that this is the best I can do tonight.
Track Name: The Faceless
Just look around us…the dead pile up, and we are the reconnaissance team.
And we will wade right through this crimson and rubble.
Wake me up, wake me well rested…I think I hear them call you now…they’re out there waiting. And they’ll call you…they’re on their way.
So hold position.
They are close…stop breathing!
We failed the retinal scan now, and they broke your ankle; tore right through them, and your eyes are so clenched they are bleeding.
Sleep fast now…morphine sedative…and you can dream on back to the days when sun rose and conquered; it’s warm and blinding.
Forgive me, you first then I’ll go; a cold blade to throat.
This is not ours, and when you think about the shit we pulled, we shouldn’t make it our alive.
Now I just want to rip your heart out, and take those eyes back, and kiss you just enough so you could see the way my knees will fold at your glory.
If I were you, I’d run.
I’d like to die with faith in their cries.
Hail The Faceless!
Track Name: The Rose Garden
So, it’s you who will carry on with nothing but the tattered flag you wore.
So, it’s you, and when you rest there, all will follow the cease fire you caused.
It’s light out.
So, it’s you, and now you live there covered by a crimson-thorned décor.
We are all the same here, so stand in honor.
Don’t say that, don’t give up. We stand here in formation.
There is a fire you set 1000 years ago with me.
It was a victory Uriah.
We are all lions in a land of predators, so sink your teeth right through these bones.
We wore the oxygen masks when the ash was more than responsible.
With love, patience, and planning we can make it!
She holds me…home.
And she’s home…love…you get to run with nothing but the tattered flag you wore.
Go now, take it.
And she’s home…love…you still lay covered by a crimson-thorne décor.
So, it’s you who will carry all of our bodies, calming our last words.
It’s light out.